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    Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Company is the manufacturer of consistent high quality cement. Sino-Zimbabwe manufactures and sell Portland Cement 32.5N (PC 15) , Masonry Cement 22.5X, Premium Cement 42.5R (CEM II –A–M) and Premium Cement 42.5N (OPC)




    Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Company,
    P O Box 2038,
    Indiva Siding Gweru


    +263 54 224474/5



    Notice of a public offer of 1 499 000 Allied Insurance ordinary shares being disposed by Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Company

    01 November 2022

    Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Company holds 1 499 700 shares in Allied Insurance Company, being 4.941% of the issued share capital. Allied Insurance Company is a non-listed insurance concern. The company intends to disinvest from and dispose of the entire block of shares it holds in Allied Insurance Company.

    The indicative selling price of the block of shares is US$63 767.37 which was the amount invested.

    Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Company is inviting expressions of interest from those interested in buying these shares

    Interested parties may get in touch with the company through e-mail on bchabaya@sinozim.co.zw, on or before 14 November 2022.

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